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Wrigley is a hunting machine. He is a a once in a life time animail that lives to please. He is a natural pointer and passes on his pointing traits to his offspring. His point is very staunch and stylish. He scents birds from a long distance off also. He is a great retriever. He is my main waterfowl hunting dog. He has appeared on The Outdoor Channel - Managment Advantage. He is every hunters favorite dog to hunt behind. He has a amazing on/off switch. He lays around all day long but runs for hours. I have used him to hunt grouse, pheasants, duck, & geese. 

He is 75 lbs with a very blocky conformation. He also has a very fine short haired coat that gives him a great appearance. 

Prairie Pts Wrigs - 3 Generation Pedigree

Wrigley Gallery (click photos to enlarge)